The Workaway International program aims to place and integrate Hospitality professionals in some of the most prestigious country clubs in the USA, providing them with an unforgettable life experience and great career boost.

Candidates who are placed via this program will have an unique experience, both personally and professionally. They'll live in Florida, having the chance to visit some of the most scenic and historical places in America; their place of work will be in Palm Beach (just 70 miles North of Miami), in establishments of the highest quality standards, in which they'll be provided with specific training before starting work. This vastly improves one’s curriculum, which will allow all the participants, after the program, to find other great professional opportunities, with good working conditions, in some of the leading Hospitality markets in Europe - Portugal, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, etc. After the winter season, you will have the chance to apply for a job at a New York state country club, in order to continue this enriching experience.

Among many other benefits, the possibility of participants traveling with all the documentation taken care of (employment contract, visa, travel arrangements, accommodation) and access to personal support and escort after arriving in the USA are great advantages.

Selected candidates will have the opportunity to receive training from leading US professionals in the Hospitality industry.

We leave you with the words of Workaway International founder, William E. Mayville:"Workaway International invites you to apply for the work experience of a lifetime through our seasonal work programs. For the past eighteen years, Workaway International has placed over 16,000 Internationals at some of the most exclusive Country Clubs in the United States. (…) Our aim is to ensure that you do not only embark on an intensive US work experience, but also enjoy the cultural diversity America has to offer."

Workaway International program duration:
Winter program - 6 to 8 months, in Palm Beach, Florida;
Summer program - 4 to 6 months, in New York (open only to participants in the Winter program)
Winter program start: October 2018



Weather in Florida during the Winter program months (October - April/May):

The average temperature during the Winter season months is 20º to 25º Celsius. You’ll find it’s usually humid during the day. At this time of year, the temperature is quite pleasant, though, and, as a general rule, it’s very inviting of poolside or beach relaxation. T-shirt and shorts will most certainly be the choice for your days off.